How would you describe your style ?

I would describe my style as relaxed preferring to record your day not orchestrate it, unobtrusive but with the ability to give guidance when required Knowing that most people hate being photographed myself included, I won't drag you off for hours doing stuff you're not comfortable doing, thirty minutes is usually plenty of time to cover the formal photos spending too long on the formals breaks the natural flow of the day. for me the perfect combination is a touch of formals, given the right guidance can produce some beautiful images and the rest candid, images of people enjoying themselves captures a more honest and accurate story of your day

How many photos do we get for our wedding? Is there anything else include

Its impossible to put  numbers on a final count for me its around 300 and this can vary from winter to summer weddings  . But there are no hard limits on numbers. However many it is that make the final edit, you get. High resolution print ready, on a bespoke USB, with no watermarks or passwords. Your photos, with an unlimited personal use. They’re also uploaded to a password-protected online gallery ,i also deliver a beautiful  slide show to view your images to music

Do you travel ?

I certainly do ,to within an hour and a half of home is included in your price Dublin,to Galway for example,prices will be given for ceremonies and venues out side this radius, or possible over night stays.

When do we receive our Images ?

During our busy period April - September its usually 6/8 weeks during our off season its 4/6 weeks

Can we print our images ? and do you offer a print service

Yes we do offer a print service using only the highest quality ink and paper, But as I've said before all images delivered are high resolution print ready so please do print away how ever please do bare in mind the  the level of hard work an commitment taken to get you images to to this stage,so please no high street street printers using cheap paper and ink, it would be a shame at this stage to go cheap , keep the printing pro all the time. 

A photographer never see's an image as a photo until its printed.

Do you offer Albums ?

We do of course , A lot of time and research was spent on choosing the album companies that we knew  would display  our work in the  timeless and elegant fashion we believe represents our style, whether its a beautiful mated album or our contemporary  flush mount album each one is hand made, every detail defines and distinguishes each album.

Who picks the images ? And when do we receive our album ?

Each album is individually designed by Gerry Dolan Photography.and usually contains around 90 images, know one will know the natural flow of your day than the person who took the photos,that doesn't mean i get the final say ,you will always have the final say on each layout of your album you might prefer one image over another and that's easily changed,once you've signed off on each proof layout and chose your cover style. your album will go to print,from this  point depending on album style delivery is around 6/8  weeks

Are you Insured ?

Yes! I hold public liability insurance. All professional photographers should be insured and many wedding venues will not allow photographers onsite without it.

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