About Me

It's quite simple really, I'm a man with a camera, a professional wedding and portrait photographer who has a passion for  telling a story through a collection of images. No of course it's not that simple, with weddings for me it's about striking a balance between capturing those magic moments and creating them, recording the day as opposed to directing it, I like to think you can have a touch of both I've not met a bride and groom yet who hasn't needed some direction, and who hasn't been happy of it,With my portraits it's not about capturing big cheesy grins, create some beautiful light and connect with your subject whether its single or multiple and once you've done that you'll get exactly what you want, honest expression happy or sad, not fake cheese just honesty. Well what's that tell you about me I hear you say, not a lot, maybe I should have titled it. What's important to me. so if some of this is important to you get in touch and we'll have a chat.By the way having a laugh on your wedding day is compulsory 

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